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The oilfield is continuously becoming a more challenging operating environment

Easy oil is gone forever. Conventional reserves are harder to reach. Unconventional reserves are starting to fill the void, but both require an unprecedented level of technology and degree of operational excellence to safely and successfully exploit.

Furthermore, our industry has increasingly come under scrutiny by the environmentally-minded public, and rightfully so. The oilfield is the major provider for energy worldwide boosting the quality of life everywhere, but in doing so we have a responsibility to operate to the highest standard of safety and environmental awareness.

The state of the industry today is such that mistakes by few have long lasting impact on business for all. The failure of some could lead to the failure of the rest.

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The problem is a lack of knowledge

Our industry has the technology and knowledge to be successful, but we do a poor job at getting that intelligence to the right people.

Oilfield Intelligence is here to help

We are an industry first, bringing you oil & gas services ratings to help you plan and execute your business.

This is just the start. Oilfield Intelligence aims to be the primary resource for sharing all types of operations experience and non-proprietary information among real industry professionals worldwide who are facing similar challenges today.

Join us and share the intelligence we need to succeed. Help us expand industry awareness to ensure we can all operate successfully.

We are working hard to get our site up and running at full potential, but first we need guidance and input from you. The site is being updated continuously so stop back often to check out new features. We apologize if you experience slow connection speeds as we are still optimizing our site to provide a fast and seamless user experience.

We appreciate feedback, so please fill out our anonymous questionnaire and contact us with any suggestions, complaints, or bugs. Your feedback will be most appreciated!

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