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Our company Baltica-Trans Logistic Ltd provides a full range of services on the organization of multimodal transportations of liquid harmless and dangerous cargoes in tank-containers and flexi-tanks across Russia, the Europe, near and far abroad, as well as reloading of bulk cargoes from railway tanks into tank-vessels and vice versa in ports of Vyborg and St. Petersburg by a direct variant with own equipment of the company.

The greatest development of bulk cargoes transportations for today obtained the route from the European countries to Russia and back through the St.-Petersburg port and other Baltic ports. Except this direction, we carry out deliveries of bulk cargoes through the ports of Vyborg, Novorossiysk, Vostochny (Nakhodka), Vladivostok, as well as internal Russian transportations and direct deliveries from the Europe to Russia and back. Availability of the own tank-containers park of ISO standards and Swap Body of allows us to optimize costs of transportation and to be competitive in the given segment of the market in comparison with the European tank-container operators. Our tank-containers are of various volumes, all of them meet the international and national requirements

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