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We recently tried IPT Global's SureTec computer-based BOP test monitoring system on a deepwater well in the GOM. The system worked very well. Our BOP test times reduced from about 20 hours down to about 6 hours directly as a result of the test software and its ability to determine a good test without having to constantly "bump" up the pressure to counteract temperature effects. The BEOMRE was out on the rig and looked at the test results and said they actually preferred the SureTec test reports to the circle charts because they were easier to interpret.

I give them 4 instead of 5 because the system is more expensive than it should be. Payment is based on a monthly "rental" of the system instead of on a per-use basis. Also, they have to send a specialist out to the rig with a laptop to run the software. All in all it's still very much worth the money.

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