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Founded in 1943, Benoit™ has grown to be a leader in the premium threading market in both our tubing and completion accessory product lines. With over 100 million feet of premium threaded tubing, plus a multitude of accessories downhole, our customers have come to recognize and depend on our quality products and service.

Benoit's Tubing Department can provide customers with the tubing, size, weight, grade, and thread profile necessary to meet any well requirement. Our proprietary BTS™ (Benoit Two Step), Echo, and BFJ thread profiles have proven performance records in some of the toughest production wells around the world. Strict adherence to thread specifications and the latest in computerized threading technology provides customers with tubing that is reliable at the well on the first run or after multiple trips.

With the addition of Benoit Connectors Department in 1993, we are now a full service threading and accessory facility. We manufacture and stock a full line of premium & API downhole accessories. A large inventory of API mechanical tubing is maintained to meet any customer requirement, and qualified personnel are available 24 hours per day to meet any short-term delivery. We support and work closely with many oilfield service companies when connections are required on their specialty products, such as: hangers, packers, nipples, gas lift mandrels, etc. In 1997 Benoit™ introduced a new innovation to the industry with great success. Project Coordination (PC) offers the end user total completion design and application, with full service and reclamation.

Benoit™ maintains a full time Quality Assurance Department that operates totally independent of the production process. Quality Control Inspectors assure that every product manufactured by Benoit™ meets specified tolerances before leaving the plant. Every threaded connection is checked against product drawings and inspected with certified gauging equipment.

Benoit™, in conjunction with our distributor Steel Service Oilfield Tubular, Inc., stocks tubing at our Houma, La. facility. This stock includes a variety of materials, including the common "L" & "P" grades plus Chrome & Hyper Chrome, to meet any customer well requirement. In many instances, threaded inventory is available to be shipped immediately.

SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR - Benoit™ & Steel Service Oilfield Tubular were awarded the National Association of Purchasing Management - Petroleum Group's "Supplier of the Year" award for 1997.

CERTIFICATIONS - Benoit™, is currently licensed / registered under the following industry Quality Program Standards:

API SPEC. 5CT # 5CT-0005
API SPEC. 7-1 # 7-1-0022
API SPEC. 14L # 14L-0009
API SPEC. Q1 # Q1-0037
ISO 9001:2008 # 0310
ISO/TS 29001 # TS-0622

QUALITY and SERVICE are key to success in any industry. Benoit Machine, LLC is dedicated to providing products and services that the oil & gas industry can rely on with complete confidence. We thank you for considering Benoit™ and look forward to being of service to you.

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