Our History

Idea to Development

Oilfield Intelligence started as an idea in 2007 after we went through a long and arduous process trying to find the best contract for an upcoming job. After hours of comparing a number of companies all claiming to be the best, we were left dazed and confused (is drilling for oil really that hard?). We saw the need for a structured, transparent approach to comparing oil & gas service companies. Finding no sites to meet our needs, we began development.

Initial Prototype

The initial prototype was created using Drupal. Back then we were Upstream Reports, and we were going to take the petroleum industry/oil and gas industry by storm! We quickly outgrew the CMS and restarted, keeping only the lessons we had learned about oil & gas reviews. When we made the switch, we reconsidered the name and decided that oilfield intel or oilfield intelligence best matched our goal. Upstream was also a bit limiting because there are plenty of oil and gas companies in the downstream and midstream processing worlds. Note: finding oil and getting it out of the ground (exploration and drilling) is what we call upstream; pipelines and transportation (oil tankers and trucks) is midstream; downstream includes refining (oil refineries) and sales.

Is it oil field or oilfield?

Within the oil industry, the terms "oil field" and "oilfield" mean roughly the same thing--we settled on the more concise version. These umbrella terms encompass petroleum, oil, and gas. (Note: in its strictest sense, petroleum is crude oil; however, in the base definition petroleum refers to solid, liquid, and gas hydrocarbons like oil or gas. Also note that British English speakers say "petrol" where American English speakers say "gas" when talking about refined gasoline for automobiles.)

Target Audience

We believe that Oilfield Intelligence is useful for a variety of oil and gas companies on the both the service/equipment side and the operation side. For details, see our benefits.

Any company involved in drilling oil & gas, we want to help! If your company is not yet listed on the site, create a free account and add it!

Defining Company Categorization

Selecting categories has been a long, evolving process. We currently cover ["Downhole Drilling", "Well Evaluation", "Completion & Workover", "Operations Support", "Production & Reservoir", "Exploration & Land"], but we revisit the categories and sub-categories often. If you have a suggestion or we do not fit your company when you think we should, please let us know.

The Elephant in the Room: Jobs

Career. Job. Employment. A paycheck. Call it what you will. Most of us need a job (some of us even want a job). We have gone back and forth on whether or not to include information about careers in the oilfield or jobs in the oil and gas field. Recent reports show that petroleum engineering boasts the highest starting salary of any profession (take that Wall Street!). Jobs in oil and gas can also take you places: drilling engineers, roughnecks, rig superintendents, and company men/rig supervisors, are just a few of the job functions that can rotate overseas (also called "working off shore"). People seeking offshore employment may find the offshore jobs harder to land than onshore jobs, especially now with the massive amount of American shale plays.

Oil jobs are great, no doubt, but we felt it was important to get reviews right before moving into being a petroleum/oil/gas job-board.

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