This USER agreement contains the complete terms and conditions ("TERMS OF SERVICE") which apply to the use of the services offered at http://www.oilfieldintelligence.com or any of its associated websites (referred to herein as "OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE"). For the purposes of this TERMS OF SERVICE, owners or administrators of the OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE shall be referred to as "OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE". In this agreement "USER" refers to you or any person or entity using or attempting to use the OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE.

OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE reserves the right to modify at any time TERMS OF SERVICE without prior notice. Continued use by any USER of services provided by OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE after an update to TERMS OF SERVICE or the OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE privacy policy (located in a separate document) serves as an acknowledgment and acceptance of all changes to policy.

OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE strives to keep USER personal information private to the degree at which USER prefers. Please read the privacy policy for more information.
By creating an account or by accessing the OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE, USER agrees to abide by all usage guidelines contained herein.

USER must be directly employed by a company operating within the oil and gas industry with the full intent to facilitate development of oil and gas resources worldwide. USERS not directly employed by a company operating within the oil and gas industry, members of the press, members of regulatory bodies, or members of environmental groups are prohibited from using services provided by the OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE.

Service is for professional use only. Expressing personal opinions in content such as (but not limited to) forum posts, comments, reviews, company profiles, or user profiles on topics such as (but not limited to) politics, government, social issues, or sexuality is strictly prohibited.

USER shall refrain from using or including links to external sites that use profanity, pornography, spam, computer viruses, or any other content deemed inappropriate by OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE. OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE reserves the right to ban without notice USERS who post content including any of the items outlined above.

USER-generated content shall include accurate information, positive reinforcement, or constructive criticism for the general purpose of improving access to or recovery of hydrocarbon resources and not for the purpose of affecting market share of one company over another. Knowingly sharing information that is untrue or inaccurate is strictly prohibited. Slander or harsh criticism not considered to be constructive by OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE towards any USER or company is not allowed.

Because USER-generated content is for a worldwide audience, OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE kindly asks that all content be in the English language so as to increase the number of people who can take advantage of the information posted. If the USER cannot write in the English language, the USER can use one of many text translation services available online free of charge.

USER must be a living human being. Using bots, scripts, scrapers, spiders, or any other automated method to access the OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE is prohibited.

Usage that violates United States law or any law of the country USER is accessing OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE from is prohibited.
Content on the OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE is protected by copyright, patent, trademark, and/or other intellectual property laws. Images, text, graphics, videos, data, or other content accessed from the OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE are offered solely for the use of services provided by OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE.

USER shall not copy, reproduce, or modify any content accessed from OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE without explicit permission from OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE. No rights or license to any trademarks or copyrights is granted in this document.
USER agrees that all material, data, or information submitted on the OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE may be used, modified, reproduced, published, or distributed royalty-free by OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE with no prior notice to USER.

USER acknowledges that he/she owns or controls all rights to information submitted to OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE and that the information submitted is not proprietary or otherwise restricted from distribution to the public.
Views expressed on the OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE are those of USERs and are not the views of OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE. OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE is not obligated in any way to monitor or confirm the accuracy, validity, or quality of information on the OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE. OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE cannot be held liable for any damage, loss, injury, or claim in any way connected to the access of or information gathered from the OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE.
Content and information offered on the OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind whether it be expressed or implied.
The OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE WEBSITE may contain links to external websites over which OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE has no control. OILFIELD INTELLIGENCE provides these external links to USERS as a reference only and cannot be held responsible for any content located on external websites or any damages or claims caused by such content.
You further acknowledge and agree that you will not in any way copy, reproduce, publish, create derivative works from, perform, upload, post, distribute, transfer, transmit, modify, adapt, reverse engineer, frame in any Web page, or alter the appearance of any Web Page Content.You may not use Web Page Content, domain names (in whole or in part), or e-mail addresses related to or derived from this Web site, nor any data, trademarks, functionality, service marks, trade names, brand names and/or logos contained within or derived from this Web site, for any purpose; meaning that you may not, among other prohibited uses, use any Web Page Content, domain names, e-mail addresses, data, trademarks, service marks, trade names, brand names and/or logos on or derived from this Web site: in or as any meta-tag or hidden text; in or as part of any contextual marketing directory, index, or triggering term; as content or advertising related to any other Web site including, but not limited to, comparative/informational Web sites; and/or as a variable or data element in any algorithm that causes another Internet browser to appear on, over, or at the same time as the Company's Web site or controls the content of any other Internet browser window.
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